Key Features

Native Multichain platform

PLIAN is the first native multichain system in the world that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which consists of one main chain and multiple derived chains.

Consensus with the patented PDBFT algorithm

The patented PDBFT algorithm greatly reduced communication cost from N^2 to N comparing with traditional BFT algorithm. It can effectively reduce the centralization problem as the number of nodes is limited.

Smart contracts based on Smart Data and cross chain

Smart Data is a new initiative of PLIAN, which is new oracle mechanism to void the knowledge limitation in smart contract. And the smart contracts of PLIAN can be easily invoked with other nonnative Tokens (BCH, ERC20) by using the provided toolkit.

Dynamic Bidding and Safe Delegation

Dynamic Bidding and Safe Delegation enable the validator election more fair and secured in epoch switch

Applicable Scenarios

Distributed artificial intelligence, distributed question and answer, big data transaction.

Digital asset transaction, providing reliable records for digital asset transactions.

Game, rule setting for the game to avoid cheating.

Notary system, provide basis for promise that cannot be tampered with.

Full cycle collaboration system, it works on the whole process, from planting and harvest all the way to supplychains and marketing.

Trackable social networking, recording all the words that have been said.

Usage scenarios

Financial Security

Commercial Child Chain

Cross chain


CFCA (China Financial Certification Authority), the largest CA provider serving over 98% Chinese banks,will improve the financial information security infrastructure via PLIAN technology based on a strategical partnership.

Qiang Sheng Smart-e

PLIAN the first commercial chain with Qiang Sheng Smart-e has landed. This cooperation will empower the new healthy ecosystem in travelling for all travel participants and supervision departments.


PLIAN's innovative patented crosschain technology will support Libra when Facebook is launching it in 2020, to allow more dapps to benefit from our crosschain technology.


Ocean Stage

Sep 2019 Introduce several blockchain application projects to form Knowledge Graph Blockchain Alliance.

Sea Stage

Jun 2019 Expand the capabilities of knowledge graph and Data Blockchain and support external development interfaces.

River Stage

Mar 2019 Publish the product on the major network complete document of external API and wiki.

Dewdrop Stage

Oct 2018 Complete the development of PLIAN core system which supports account system and deployment of smart contract,publish technical white paper. Test net of main chain online.

Ion Stage

PLIAN Position Paper completed - Mar 2018.

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Team & Adviser

Dr.Feng(Jeff) Cao


Kevin Zheng

(In-memory Data Management)

Steven Lv


Zhihong Chong

(Knowledge Graph)

Frank Ma

(Blockchain Storage and Optimization)

Zhenjie Zhang

(Query Speedup and Indexing)

Ken Huang


Daniel Wang


Bo (Ramble) Lan


Henry Cao


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